Upcoming roller Upcoming roller coaster accident.
Russia again attacks the UK with chemical weapons, London and Glasgow.
Cable breaks here.
These people are arrested by the FBI for money laundering, accepts bribes from foreign governments and treason, Kay Granger, John Thune, Ron Johnson, Richard Shelby, Steve Daines, John Hoeven, John Kennedy and Jerry Moran.
Not sure.
This is the result of my attempt to 3D print the Donald Trump Baby Blimp to be flown in London, not sure why it failed.
10 more days.
William Knight kills himself because he was forced to, murder, you missed it, he was telling the truth, blue water numbers.
Call 0044 113 278 0503 and ask what US politicians are about ready to be arrested, 5 of them worked for Donald Trump, one them still does.
Haroon bilour killed by water and ice.
Rillito powerlines everywhere, (520) 744-6147, boxes and trains? 7/8/2018.
Pima County de-reailer, mold break apart, terrorist attack again rillito, 2 days, train.
Not sure.
7 more days.
In the ground.
Trump balloon shot down? fake news? slingshot, bible, David, and Goliath (does not happen but people will still think it did)
Brandon Straka dies in a horrific accident, the fake attack goes wrong.
The same man responsible for the Novichok nerve agent attacks in the UK (all 12 of them) is responsible for the Japan and US attacks (all 14) plate number N4DS2.
Owner of owner involved in auto accident, still in critical


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