Not sure. 7 mor Not sure.
7 more days.
In the ground.
Trump balloon shot down? fake news? slingshot, bible, David, and Goliath (does not happen but people will still think it did)
Brandon Straka dies in a horrific accident, the fake attack goes wrong.
The same man responsible for the Novichok nerve agent attacks in the UK (all 12 of them) is responsible for the Japan and US attacks (all 14) plate number N4DS2.
Owner of owner involved in auto accident, still in critical condition rc kelly.
44 1980 622255 tatoo donbar shes been to donbar, ex – spy dies on July 8th 2018, she is wated by Russia, UK woman DS, RS Sturges, numbers (note: Sturgis is in North Dakota, not the USA.
Death is? July 11th 2019 KC 44 332116 – UK Glasgow UK poison is in water, Russia Yersinia pestis, shopping center.
Hits here, smoke is toxic.
Thomas M Hardiman fails us all, Trump numbers.
Nuclear war starts in Crimea, USA losses are only 35% (still a lot of people have to die for no reason)
Donald Trump July 8th, 2018, phone call, Iran, first strike chemical weapons.
Tyr Lange air boat marks on head blue sticker 701 752-4143 gol?
Catalyst 815 7600 Tony Schwartz is following you, Russian mafia.
Casey Anthony murdered in Florida.
August 2018 Powerball winning numbers.
Train derails hayri ak turkey train derails.
Friday, July 13th, 2018.
Crash 103rd Street flatfoot lake 7 7 100 meters.
Never forget Thailand cave rescue Thailand explosion.
Paul Manafort hangs himself in Virginia jail 471132.
July 6th, 2018 Las Vegas shooter town square, numbers, not what they think, red car? letter in the room.
This has to do with the rescue of Thailand teens found in a cave a few days ago, this is 3 and 4-foot diameter flex pipe, divers pull the pipe through with this cable and then pump out the water…making a giant crawl through tunnel.
July 20th.
I told you, numbers.
Not English.
Russia attacks UK December 11, 2018, tactical nukes.
Russia is now tracking and listening to everything, free USB fan’s given out to people during the Trump / Kim Jong Un in Singapore not only contain a hidden GPS chip and microphone, also contain new trojan vires code written by the DPRK.
1/2 mile from here, (314) 652-0370 shooting on Friday, July 6th, 2018, ??am Saint Louis, more details on the DD.
Vet drug od stock call 01722 336262 4423654367 A230, no nato detection.
1:37 2018 June 6th, 2018 R Thai SF diver killed cave rescue, stuck PLEASE USE FLEX 4 FOOT PIPE, numbers, see last weeks now!! (cave rescue I think) – Dream number 10698 2 July 201 8 7 , This is related to the Tham Luang cave rescue in 2018, please don�
Something about a Twitter message by Donald Trump on the 5th of July.


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